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What Sets Bariatric Endoscopy Apart from Other Weight Loss Methods?

Bariatric endoscopy provides a safer and less invasive alternative to weight loss surgery. This straightforward procedure is conducted without incisions, enabling a swift return to your daily routine.

In contrast to medications that require ongoing use, this procedure delivers lasting results without the need for continuous interventions. It is both effective and allows a quick return to work and daily life with minimal downtime.

Enhanced Safety

Bariatric endoscopy ensures patient safety with a safety profile 32 times higher than the least invasive surgical alternatives.

Minimal Downtime

With no incisions required, Bariatric endoscopy offers minimal recovery time, allowing a swift return to daily routines with no workday disruptions.

Greater Effectiveness

Bariatric endoscopy is more effective than combining medications with diet and exercise alone for sustainable weight loss.

Sustainable Weight Loss

Unlike medication, which facilitates weight loss only as long as it is taken, bariatric endoscopy ensures long-term, sustainable weight loss success without the need for continuous interventions.

Discover if Bariatric Endoscopy is the Right Choice for Your Weight Loss Journey

Why Dr. Alexander Shapsis is Your Top Choice for Bariatric Endoscopy

Dr. Alexander Shapsis is a distinguished gastroenterologist and the President of Atlantic Gastroenterology. 

He is a Board-certified professional with extensive expertise, nationally recognized as a published research author. 

Dr. Shapsis holds multiple awards, including accolades for service excellence, and has made notable contributions to medical advancement. 

His outstanding skills have earned him honors in the Best of Brooklyn Awards for Gastroenterology & Hepatology Physician, and he stands as an esteemed member of the Brooklyn Business Hall of Fame. 

A graduate of New York Medical College, Dr. Shapsis is dedicated to providing exceptional care and has demonstrated leadership in the field.

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